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With presence in Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan (more coming up…), Freeing Group sets out to deliver a jab of creativity to the gaming industry dominated by online and console gaming. Committed to provide revolutionary first person gaming experience, Freeing began the journey by breaking the screen boundary of traditional games and place players in actual story plot and scene.

Our prolific R&D team with outstanding works in theme parks enabled us to create gaming experience like no one else, bringing creativity and fun to the next level.

Freeing Group’s corporate social responsibility program ensures that our games are in the form of edutainment and sponsoring the less privileged children, giving them an opportunity to be exposed to this new form of learning.

Our game encourages teamwork, analytical problem solving as well as creativity. These not only allow our next generation to be socially competent, but also allow companies to develop teamwork for their employees.


Revolutionary Gaming Experience

Each of our theme room is thoroughly designed to provide players with a first person gaming experience without the screen boundary. Rooms are equipped with state-of-the art mechanical and electronic engineering to enhance player’s experience.


Educational and Team Bonding Benefit

Players are put in an environment where they pit against their wits to solve various puzzles, piece together clues, hints, and complete team missions in order to win. Companies and schools will benefit from our game by way of adventure learning, leadership development and team bonding exercise.


Globally Prolific R&D Team

Freeing Group is proud to have a strong and creative R&D team they hold years of experience in game design, as well as profound understanding of the gaming industry. Illustrious profile is pre-requisite to join our R&D team. With our constant thirst for creativity and diversity, our R&D team continues to attract the finest people in the field.

At the same time, Freeing also collaborates with leading R&D teams from around the world to develop new concepts to enhance the gamers’ experience.


Freeing with us

Be part of the Freeing Group’s revolutionary journey

Freeing Group’s core mission is to provide revolutionary gaming experience, coupled with educational, teamwork and leadership development. We offer corporate team bonding packages as well as adventure learning experience for educational institutes.

As our franchisee, you will be enjoying the following franchise support:

  • • Full R&D support on initial setup
  • • Full Operational and Customer Service Training
  • • Designer support for initial startup
  • • Website Design
  • • Regular meeting and Business Strategy Review
  • • Transparency in Monthly Financial Reporting


Our Invitation

For you to make a difference in the edutainment industry

Freeing Group is now poised to expand its mission and aims to establish a network of edutainment centres from its franchise system.

If you are a dynamic entrepreneur and have a strong passion in the edutainment industry, we invite you to contact us and explore how we can forge a fruitful partnership. We look forward to help you develop the Freeing Group’s edutainment concept and contribute to your community.

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